A Gastronome Experience

Sushi Tei
October 13, 2009, 3:46 pm
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You and Me. You, are so pleasing to the eyes. Me, just wants to behold your beauty. You, are like a breath of fresh air. You, bring a smile to my face. You, get me coming back for more. Me, just wants more of you. Me, hates it when we part and wonders when we’ll ever meet again.

Japanese cuisine and Me.

I’d like to call it a match made in heaven.


Special Unagi Roll, $14

A feast to the eyes! I am a huge fan of Unagi and this certainly got me waxing lyrical. Its rather value-for-money, considering the generous servings of Unagi. Sushi, its like a piece of art, really. Without a doubt, the Japanese certainly excel and do take extreme pride in food presentation.


Chuka Chinmi, Scallop, $4.50

A cold appetizer which i thought could have been better. I’d still prefer the bigger juicier scallops.


Beef with Golden Mushroom, $10

This is seriously GOOD stuff. Its like dope! No, its like biting into a little bit of heaven! With one exception, the beef slices could have been more tender.


Kaisen Kaminabe, mix seafood paper hot pot, $14

Paper hot pots are always aesthetically beautiful. Its like a gimmick though. We opted for the spicy soup broth, which explains its reddish orange-y color. There was a little bit of everything – scallops, prawns, crab and salmon. The soup steered towards the salty side, i found myself gulping down more green tea than i usually would.

Crabmeat Chawanmushi

Just like the original Chawanmushi, except this comes served with real crab meat. It was a little too “soupy” but overall, still acceptable.

After my dreadful experience at Holland V’s Sushi Tei, i never expected myself to dine at Sushi Tei anytime soon. Come to think of it, this is actually my second visit to Sushi Tei within a month. Prices are not exactly cheap, neither is it expensive, but given its quality, i guess its fairly and reasonably priced.

and boy am i still salivating over those Beef Rolls!


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i haven been to Sushi Tei! can you believe it?

Comment by ladyironchef

Yes i can believe it! If you tell me you haven’t been to Sakae Sushi then i cant believe it. HAHA and you haven’t been to crystal jade also right! LOL

Comment by pammiez

i used to adore sushi tei so much. But since the quality took a sharp dip, I’ve steered clear of the franchise. Pity though as your photos look absolutely gorgeous.. yum.

Comment by Sihan

Haha i think it really depends on which outlet you go to. The outlet at Holland V is terrible. But the ones at Playground and Raffles City were pretty good! =)

Comment by pammiez

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