A Gastronome Experience

Prive, Bakery Cafe
August 3, 2009, 1:14 pm
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Brunch, breakfast and lunch combined together, or otherwise termed as “late breakfast”. Brunch, this word alone gets me thinking about poached eggs, the image of molten custard yolk oozing out from their delicate whites is priceless. A wave of tranquility washes over me at the very thought of brunch. The peaceful almost-picture perfect ambience must have played a significant role. Time doesn’t seem to be of the essence anymore, the sweltering heat doesn’t even bother me, now that’s the power of brunch, comfort food for the hungry soul.


My first visit to Keppel Bay was undeniably love at first sight. Its been more than 3 visits and i can gladly foresee more to come. The food is good, but the ambience is a bonus.

Eggs Benedict, $12

Poached eggs, Ham, and Bacon sitting atop lightly-buttered English Muffins. Eggs, ham and bacon, a combination that cannot go wrong. The english muffins were served warm and toasted. We like!


I had sauteed mushrooms, while my partner had sausages for sides. These are additional top-up items and they cost $3 each.

Besides breakfast items, Prive also prides themselves in serving fresh bread, quiches, gourmet sandwiches, gourmet milkshakes and most of all, delectable desserts. We had initially placed an order for a slice of Hazelnut Praline but had it cancelled as i did not want to go beyond 70% full.

Prive, redefines your dining experience.

I can’t wait to go back!

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i want to go back prive too! and how can u go there without eating the hazelnut praline!

Comment by ladyironchef

haha why cannot, you greedy ma. HAHA

Comment by pammiez

oh my.. the eggs benny was realy good. Now you’re making me crave for it once more!

Comment by Sihan

HAHA helloo! Yes their eggs ben are really good. The morning/afternoon sun can get unbearably hot though. OH my i think i’ve been abandoning my blog. Super busy these few weeks, sushi post coming up soon! =D

Comment by pammiez

It’s my first visit to your food blog! I love your site, layout is simple and you take real good pictures. 🙂

Comment by Josephine

Hi Josephine! I’m glad you like it. Its a real motivation for me. Haven’t been constantly updating due to school workload but i’ll be back soon! cheers~

Comment by pammiez

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