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One Caramel
July 16, 2009, 3:53 pm
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The Singaporean lifestyle is so hectic we can barely find time for ourselves. When we chance upon a chair, we sit down, heaving a big sigh of relief, as though we haven’t sat in days. The throbbing migraine, the backache and the sore legs, life is so much like a battlefield. With every storm comes a rainbow. As we step out of each battlefield, it is only natural that we reward ourselves. That’s why we chose One Caramel, where dessert-holics gather, sugarcoat and expose themselves to an all high sugar rush.


A partnership with One Rochester and One TwentySix, One Caramel is situated right beside The Cathay. The see-through glass walls also allow passer-bys and movie-goers alike to capture a short glimpse of the array of cakes and pastries.


A tall glass of Mocha for her and Tea for the other 2 ladies. They have a Vanilla flavored tea which smells exactly like Vanilla Bean ice-cream. The smell of it perks me up instantaneously, its like dope, really.

Nid d’abeilles, $7.90

“Layers of Honey Chiboust cream and Strawberry jelly sandwiched within crispy Almond Dacquoise” The honey chiboust cream was uniquely refreshing to the palate. The crispy almond provided bite but I didn’t enjoy the strawberry jelly as i personally dislike layers of jelly in my cakes.

Lychee Rose, $7.90

“Lychee, Rose and Valrhona Ivory Chocolate Glaze”White-
Chocolate lovers will love this piece. Those expecting a stronger rosier flavor will be disappointed as there was more lychee than rose. Either you love it or you don’t. It was light and pleasant and it bored a striking resemblance to the Rose cupcakes from Toast.

Black Forest Cake, $7.90

From as cheap as $1.80 from your neighborhood bakery, to $10++ from Laurent Bernard’s Chocolatier, its amazing how a humble slice of Black Forest can vary so much in value. Whether it uses dark chocolate Valrhona or chocolate cream, Black Forest will always be a reminiscence of my childhood days.

Red Velvet, $7.90

Unlike the conventional cream cheese frosting, One Caramel uses Chocolate as a frosting for the Red Velvet. All in all, the cake was dry and dense and it was unquestionably not a crowd pleaser.

Hazelnut Praline, $7.90

Hazelnut and Feuilletine, now that is what i call my kind-of-cake. When in doubt, Hazelnut Praline is always my number one choice. Sadly, One Caramel’s wasn’t impactful enough. There was very little cake and everything turned soft, gooey and fudgey after a while. It could do with a thicker layer of feuilletine as well.

Mango Mascarpone, $8.90

I really enjoyed this. I for one am not a fan of cheesecakes but the usage of mascarpone has changed my opinion about them. Mascarpone has the effect of transforming a dense cheesecake into something light and less-cloyingly rich. The mango provided a sweet and appetizing touch to the cake but i didn’t take to the coconut crumble base.

Out of all the 6 cakes, Mango Mascarpone was the only one worth coming back for. The plate decorations could have been better.

With more than 20 choices to choose from, we dessert-holics are evidently spoilt for choice. Prices are not exactly wallet-friendly but like rising movie stud prices, cake prices are also sky rocketing proportionately. Take my advice and come with a group of friends. You get to sample variety in the presence of good company, now that’s killing two birds with one stone!


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i’m late! didn’t know u blogged abt this already :p love yr pictures & perspective, esp the black & white one and the really shiny reflection of 1st! seems like everyone’s take on the nid d’abeilles is the same haha. pretty picture of the lychee rose & the mango mascarpone 🙂

and i look forward to meeting u again!

Comment by Evan

haha thanks! Yes i look forward to our date at Prive! =)

Comment by pammiez

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