A Gastronome Experience

Hua Kee
July 9, 2009, 3:15 pm
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Hua Kee, a cze char cum seafood stall housed inside Pasir Panjang’s food center. Due to the ongoing construction, the food center seems to have experienced a drop in patrons. If you are arriving via private transportation, do keep your eyes peeled for the car-park signage as it can be rather inconspicuous and obscure from view.

Oysters, mussels, prawns and crabs. These are some examples of crustaceans that belong to the Shellfish family. Prawns and Crabs in particular are huge favorites amongst Singaporeans but when it comes to cockles or oysters, acquired taste-buds are essential.


The crabs at Hua Kee came with a hefty price tag and so, cheaper alternatives had to be opted. After my night-marish experience with cockles, i vowed never to go near cockles again. Today was no exception.


Out of the three shellfishes, i manage to brave my guts for this one in particular. How shall i describe it, soft, chewy, and tasteless.

Cuttlefish Kang Kong

To me, the sauce (Hae gor) plays a very important part in defining this dish. The best and most memorable plate of cuttlefish kang kong came from a corner coffeeshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hua Kee’s on the other hand paled so much in comparison. The sauce was an utter let down. It didn’t take me long to realize that they had used Chee Cheong Fun sweet sauce as a substitute.

Mee Goreng

Be it rice or noodles, carbs are a staple to keeping the my stomach full. Instead of having plain white rice, we shared a plate of Mee Goreng. Coming from a non-muslim stall, i must admit that Hua Kee did a pretty good job. I am not an avid fan of thick noodles, beehoon goreng would have suited me better, but surprisingly, i still found myself digging for more.

Chili Stingray

They all taste the same to me. I like how the lemon juices compliment it.

The dishes were rather forgettable but if you happen to patronize this food center for lunch/dinner, do try the home-made barley from the drink stall located 2-3 stalls down from Hua Kee. Its naturally sweet and i am raving about it because apart from my grandma’s, its not easy to find a pleasing cup of home-made barley!

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LOL! go all the way there for barley? haha is the stingray good or not? fresh? hehe

Comment by ladyironchef

OMG so sorry for the late reply. LOL. The stingray was okay la. i cant really tell from a good or average stingray. haha.

Comment by pammiez

Will not go back to Hua Kee ever again. Went there last Sun with my family n had the stingray, crayfish n one unknown dish, unknown because we ordered tofu and the dish we had taste like fishcake, when we try to ask the stall assistant about it, we were told that they do not know, that they don’t know anything about the food. The stingray also tasted spoil with the flesh slimy. Terrible service n ex too.

Comment by chrisnglh

The food at hua kee was rather mediocore and forgettable. I remember the stall owner (guy) being quite naggy. Its over-priced as well, plus i don’t eat shellfish so i guess i’m not exactly missing out! haha =)

Comment by pammiez

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