A Gastronome Experience

June 18, 2009, 5:58 am
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Nestled within the historical national museum lies a culinary establishment. Novus – Restaurant, Bar & Cafe. With the 12 o’clock Sun blazing overhead, it would have been too early to hit the bar. Being an unemployed student, having a meal at the restaurant would have been too fanciful, or rather, a splurge. A visit to the cafe, now that sounds more like it.


The arched hallways, the glass panels that filtrate the sun’s rays, the sight of blue and pearly white walls, unknowingly, a wave of colonialism and calamity washes over me. An afternoon at the museum, i have never anticipated that. One, five or ten years, i can barely recount my last experience here. One thing’s for certain, the historic dome still stands and the old facade is now seamlessly joined by a new modernist extension of glass and metal.

“My Sandwich”, $16

Beef Pastrami, Gouda Cheese, Tomatoes, Sunny side-up, Dijonnaise and Rucola. I would have preferred the cheese to come melted and more could have been done to make this entire sandwich taste, and look, like a $16 package.

Pasta Risotto, $12

Aborio rice with dried Cherry Tomatoes, Mascarpone, Rucola, and Parmigiano Reggiano. The wonders of Italian, it makes every dish sound so fanciful. I have never been a fan of Risotto but i must say that this dish was rather palatable. The portion was just right, the cheesy after taste was mild and could have been stronger.


Being centrally located, the calming and alluring ambience of its interiors provides quiet respite from the urban city. The food is not “WOW” but it is a refuge for those who see a need to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. To be called a place of relaxation, a place for unwinding, a place to hide from the outside world, it has my vote.


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you are faster than me! haha my novus post still queuing up 🙂

Comment by ladyironchef

beautiful pics.

Comment by sooks

Thanks! =)

Comment by 3layeredtummy

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