A Gastronome Experience

Killiney Kopitiam
June 10, 2009, 1:20 pm
Filed under: Breakfast/Brunch, Snacks


Remember the time you got a whiff of freshly brewed coffee. The time you scraped egg whites from the insides of a soft-boiled egg shell. And the time you coo-ed and ahh-ed over the perfect combination of handmade Kaya and melted butter. Welcome back to the good old days.

Forget Eggs Benedict, forget pancakes and waffles. These never made it to the breakfast menu during the olden days. They wonder and inquire what brunch is. Let’s not forget that brunch never existed during their era either. The humble toast, paired with soft boiled eggs and a hot cuppa, would have sufficed. Breakfast certainly cannot get any simpler, nor anymore traditional than this.

We complain about the lack of air-conditioning. We complain about the dirty and butter-stained tables. We want it fresh but yet we complain about the wait. We complain that Ya Kun is over-rated, we complain that Chin Mee Chin should increase their seating capacity and we complain that Killiney should stick to serving Kaya Toast and Toast only. These places may not be an exact replica of the past but at least it retains the atmosphere and enables us to experience the good old days.

Traditional Kaya Toast

Toasted white bread with kaya and butter slabbed in between. Did i mention that melted butter is sinfully good? Butter, Kaya and Bread, simplicity at its very best.

DSC_0096 copy
Kaya French Loaf

Now that is something new. Its still the same old kaya and butter, except instead of soft white bread, french loaves are used. French loaves may have a thicker and harder outer crust but when toasted, its crispiness can become a pleasant surprise.

French Toast

Bread. Deep Fried. Golden Brown. Maple syrup and butter. That was how i envisioned my french toast. But at Killiney, French Toasts are prepared in an entirely different way. Its outer yellow color is a result of soaking bread in the egg mixture prior to being toasted. Instead of the usual maple syrup, kaya and butter is served on the side. Kaya and french toast just do not go very well together. As i would have preferred a crispier exterior, frying rather than toasting would have worked better for me.

Based on my several visits to Killiney, i have observed a lack of consistency as standards seem to vary from outlet to outlet. On the plus side, Killiney serves Kaya Toast all day long. Which means we are blessed with the option of having Kaya Toast for not just breakfast, but also lunch, high tea and prolly dinner!


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“Forget Eggs Benedict, forget pancakes and waffles. These never made it to the breakfast menu during the olden days” I’m gonna quote u on this the next time i blog abt kaya toast. LOL

Comment by ladyironchef

and then ur gonna have to say it was a statement made by a famous writer. LOL. you gonna eat Kaya Toast again?!

Comment by 3layeredtummy

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