A Gastronome Experience

June 8, 2009, 3:53 pm
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After slogging in the kitchen and preparing tray after tray of pork floss buns, the trainee baker from BreadTalk is in dire need of a well deserved break. Instead of thronging the streets and joining the GSS crowd, the trainee baker refuses to get off her seat and decides it would be worthwhile to update this space.


The brightly lighted entrance, the human traffic spewing in and out of the restaurant and the dozens of mouth watering dishes on their food display, its so vibrant, its so inviting, it so calls for a visit.


Manpuku, a new Japanese Food Hall concept that offers authentic Japanese cuisine in a Japanese gourmet street setting. Botejyu’s Osaka Okonomiyaki, the Fruit Tart shop at Fruit Paradise, Sapporo Curry at Yoshimi, and Aoba’s Hokkaido Ramen, just to name a few. As they say, welcome to Manpuku!

Midnight Special, Botejyu

One of Botejyu’s signature okonomiyaki. It consist simply of panfried batter with various ingredients like prawn, squid, fish slices and an egg. It was a pretty sight but it failed to live up to my expectations. The batter was mushy and soggy. The vegetables tasted raw. The seafood ingredients only served to provide flavor on its own. It was rather bland and we didn’t bother finishing it.

Yakitori, Sesson Japanese Grill

Second to Tonkatsu, Unagi is another one of my personal favorites. I reckon the Unagi to be of good quality as soft bones were absent. As for the other three yakitori sticks (Bacon wrapped Asparagus, Chicken & Scallops), they were rather tasty but yet failed to leave a lasting impression.


I didn’t get to try it but from the looks of it, it should be able to surpass expectations.

Tempura Udon, Toku Toku

Toku Toku is recognized for their handmade udon and is also one of the most established dining brands for Udon lovers in Japan. My dining partner had most of it as i am not exactly a fan of Udon. The soup wasn’t saturated with salt and neither was it lacking in flavor. The once-crispy tempura turned soggy after having been immersed in the soup. All in all, it was mediocore and rather forgettable.

Pork Katsu with Egg, Asakusatei

Katsu-don or Ten-don, Asakusatei has them all. My dining partner and i quite enjoyed this dish. The pork cutlet was fried till golden crispiness, it was served with egg and presented nicely on a sizzling hot-plate. The broth was extremely tasty, it was a good accompaniment to the pork cutlet, but eat it quickly, lest it becomes soggy.

Strawberry Tart, Fruit Paradise

One of Singapore’s first outlet. These tarts have been beautifully constructed and adorned with fruits. A lot of effort must have gone into creating this piece of art. Pity it failed to live up to its image. The tart was thin and didn’t have a buttery after-taste, the cream was extremely light and the strawberries were sour. At a hefty price tag of $7.50, i felt really cheated. With 75% of the tart comprising of fresh cream, it sure screams daylight robbery.

Matcha Green Tea Ice-cream, Kyoto Sabo

If you do not know by now, i am crazy over anything Matcha. It wasn’t the best Matcha Green Tea dessert i’ve had but it sure was the best dish out of the lot. The Matcha was strong and i like it that way. Even better when it is paired with Adzuki Red Beans.

As most of the items tended towards the salty side, it rendered us thirsty towards the end of the meal. Manpuku has a rather huge seating capacity and you can sit there for hours, be it over just one small cup of green tea ice-cream or piping hot bowl of ramen noodles. Prices may seem affordable but it isn’t, especially when the final bill is tallied. From this one time experience, its very unlikely i’d be back anything soon.

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haha indeed it is worthwhile FINALLY updating this space. i tried the botejyu too, didn’t really impressed. And the fruit tart is really ex at 7.50

Comment by ladyironchef

haha don’t say until like that leh. YES Botejyu was a real disappointment and the fruit tart doesn’t taste good at all. Give me a lemon meringue tart anytime man!! haha

Comment by 3layeredtummy

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