A Gastronome Experience

Malaysia Part III
May 19, 2009, 11:16 am
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She ate 40. He ate 60. The other lady had 30. All in all, the mahjong khakis consumed 130 meatballs. All that in one sitting, for lunch. These meatballs must be kick-ass special, i told myself. In fact, our original plan for Hakka Yong Tau Foo was shelved. It was unanimous, we just had to try May king’s Meatballs.

And so i was told, this stretch of road (off Jalan Pudu) is usually congested with heavy traffic. Finding a vacant parking lot was obviously an absolute challenge. May King, or rather mei(2) jing(3) in chinese, is renowned for their handmade Meatballs. How anyone could consume 60 meatballs is something i had to find out for myself. So exactly how good were they? How many meatballs did i consume? Read on to find out.


These meatballs were larger than your average sized fish balls. They were bouncy, check. They were springy, check. Also, the addition of sotong provided that extra bite. It was akin to eating sotong ball actually. It was definitely tastier than those run-of-the-mill meatballs but IMHO, it could have been better. Perhaps i’d come with too high an expectation but the hand made fish balls from Singapore’s GoldHill Hakka Yong Tau Foo stall (Changi Road) still leaves a larger and better impression.

Foo Chook Roll

A typical Hakka dish: Beancurd stuffed with minced meat and then fried till golden brown. A great appetizer to begin with.

Curry Mee

Besides Meatballs, May King also serves noodles. Curry Mee seems to be a Malaysian favorite as you can find them almost anywhere indeed. Due to health reasons, I haven’t had laksa, much less curry mee, for aeons. But today, I broke my diet and here’s 3 words for you. All worth it.

Lam Mee

They call it Lam Mee, i call it Lor Mee. But the truth is, “Lam” literally means “Hor Fun”. I found myself having only one serving of this as it was too bland and starchy for my liking.

The question still remains. How many Meatballs did i consume? Did i starve myself silly with Meatballs? As it appears, 8 was all i had. How any individual can chow down 60 Meatballs in one sitting, i find it hard to digest and comprehend. Taste is subjective after all.


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i dont like meatballs, i will have problem eating 4, let alone 40. lol! you blog very slow man, so long liao still at malaysia. haha

Comment by ladyironchef

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