A Gastronome Experience

Epicurious II
May 6, 2009, 12:11 pm
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Here i am, back again, at Epicurious. Epicure and curious, that is what we are. The clock strikes 4 and the 38 foodies arrived promptly, gathering for yet another one of LIC’s food outing. Early dinner or late lunch, you decide.


As the seating capacity inside was rather small and limited, the event could only house all 38 of us at its alfresco dine-in area. Given the sultry weather, there was nothing better than having free-flow of drinks. Despite having natural sunlight, the lighting that day just did not work quite well for me. So if the pictures don’t turn out too well, pardon me please.

Mushroom soup paired with Croque Monsieur toast

The soup was creamy alright, containing chalkfuls of mushroom. The smell of cheese wafting the Croque Monsieur toast sure does wonders in whipping up my appetite.

Asian Salad paired with Bacon-wrapped Chicken

The strips of seaweed and smoked salmon is what gives this salad its Asian charm. The Bacon-wrapped Chicken, though small, was executed pretty well. The water chestnuts inside provided crunch and the saltiness from the bacon helped enhance its overall flavor. Add in some shrimps and we’ll have bacon-wrapped ngor hiang!

Mini Burger paired with Spaghetti Vietnamese Bolognaise

The bolognaise looked like chili with diced onions on first sight but dig into it and you’ll realize that its actually made up of minced chicken and tomato puree. It had a zesty flavor which made it all the more appetizing.

The mini-burger didn’t impress me much. It was a little bit on the dry side and could have been better if it had been more tender. As much as i love wasabi, the wasabi-mayo dressing just didn’t work very well for me either. I still love my humble double cheeseburger from MacDonalds though. Haha

Apple Crumble paired with French Toast

I thought this was the best dish! Desserts, yes, every girl loves her sweets. The chilly ice-cream eaten with the warm apple slices was simply divine. And did i mention that this is VANILLA BEAN ice-cream? Awesome.

A 4-course meal like this cost $25nett per head. In my opinion, I still think their brunch/breakfast items fared better. In fact, i didn’t walk home empty handed either. The lucky draw entitled us to 1-for-1 vouchers so it looks like i will be back for my third visit.


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hahah your middle burger photo is better than the third burger photo! And i like your writings, you shld blog more often, otherwise ppl will think that u only go to epicurious. lol!

Comment by ladyironchef

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