A Gastronome Experience

of Strawberries and Cream
April 28, 2009, 9:14 am
Filed under: Desserts, Japanese


Truth be told, i have never seen nor heard of Chinatown Plaza. I have ventured along Neil Road a couple of times but i never knew it existed. Not until recently, when i made my second visit to Patissierie Glace. A hidden gem, absolutely.

Patissierie Glace is helmed by Japanese Chef Yamashita who helms from Nara, Japan. It is by default that we commonly associate light sponge/chiffon, cheesecakes, strawberries, matcha and the ever-popular mont-blanc with Japanese Patissieries. With Master Chef Yamashita bringing his lovely creations to sunny island Singapore, who says we need to fly to Japan?


Strawberry Souffle, $5.30

Two words. Very light. I have never eaten a cheesecake souffle before and i must admit that it sure was an impressive first-time. The cheese wasn’t overwhelmingly rich and the strawberries were big and fresh. Very easily palatable indeed.


Strawberry Hill, $5.20

Unlike the strawberry souffle, this one came on a tart base. There are sliced strawberries and custard cream in between the layers of sponge. The sponge cake was delightfully light and soft. I truly enjoyed the custard cream, which were akin to Beard Papa’s and Tampopo’s Custard Cream Puffs. Two of my dear loves as well.


Strawberry Mille Feulli, $4.70

Diced strawberries and custard cream sandwiched between layers of, not sponge, but crisp pastries. Again, i really enjoyed the custard cream but the layers of pastry could have been more crisp and less soggy. If not for its beautiful packaging, this could have been easily forgettable.

Out of all the 3 cakes we consumed, me and my dining partner unanimously agree that the Strawberry Hill was the tastiest. Total bill amounted to $15.20. There are very limited seats for dine-in and don’t belittle its deserted location because their cakes sell out extremely fast. Which kind of explains why i do not have an entry pertaining to my first visit as all their cakes were sold out by the time i got there. Reservations is a must!

If you are in the mood for something light that doesn’t take up too much stomach space, then Patissierie Glace is the next stop for you. =)

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i love their cheesecake souffle! haha.

Comment by ladyironchef

yeah it was good but i’m not really a fan of cheesecakes leh haha. I intend to try their chocolate cakes on my next visit =)

Comment by 3layeredtummy

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