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Breakfast at The Quay
April 23, 2009, 2:58 pm
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Breakfast. Not only are they the most important meal of the day, they are also indeed one of the most enjoyable meals. From something as simple as peanut butter and jelly toast, to pancakes drizzled with butter and maple syrup, to something more indulgent like eggs benedict, breakfast, is what i call, my comfort haven.


Its my first visit to Epicurious and i can safely assure you that it will never be my last. I love brunch and i like how it pampers me. Though easily preparable from home, an excuse for brunch is surely a must.


The sweltering heat must have fried my brain-cells because the 3 of us actually gave up our cosy seats indoors for a table outdoors. In other words, we sacrificed air-conditioning and braved the blazing humidity.

What can i say, anything goes for natural lighting and beautiful pictures. =)

Two Eggs, Scrambled or Fried

We had them done scrambled and opted for smoked salmon and sausages for sides. The smoked salmon were scrambled together with the eggs upon request.


Surprisingly, i enjoyed the potatoes! And the sight of melted butter on bread never fails to make my knees go weak.

Choco-Nana Sandwich

White bread with chocolate nutella spread, chopped bananas and diced strawberries. The kind that brings out the kid in you. The toasts could do with a more generous serving of nutella though.

Eggs Benedict

Two poached eggs with grilled smoked ham on an english muffin topped with hollandaise sauce. The sight of molten egg yolk oozing out from its whites? Priceless. The home-made hollandaise sauce was light, fluffy and didn’t reek on oil and butter.


Three golden pancakes served with butter and maple syrup. Nothing unusual, just comfort food at its very best.


After discount, the total bill amounted to $26 for 3pax. Now that is what i call a steal and truly, an indulgent breakfast!


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what happened to 3layeredtummies? I had the feeling u might changed sooner and later, heh. I like this one better! 🙂

And not bad wor, your photographs improve quite a bit, even though there are still couple of them blur and lacked focus. Continue shooting!

Comment by ladyironchef

its 3layeredtummy! LOL i can be quite indecisive you see. haha.

I find some of the pics quite blur also! And some a little over exposed. How to improve focus? Teach me Teach meee! haha

Comment by 3layeredtummy

hello, wat discount is there? credit card? 🙂

Comment by d

Hello! Sorry to disappoint but it wasn’t a credit card discount. It so happened that one of my dining partners was on close relations with the owner, hence, the discount. Anyway, judging from epicurious’ pricing, prices are relatively affordable, if not slightly cheaper than many others out there. Do give it a shot! =)

Comment by 3layeredtummy

opps, the S. haha. yeah will this be a permanent fixture? heh.

you just need more practice, initially i also like that, all my shots blur. heh. focus on the object you want, den the apeture will do the rest. lol!

Comment by ladyironchef

Heya, I saw your tag on my blog and came by. =)

I think that picture of the pancakes, with maple syrup dripping down, could win an award, it’s pretty!

Comment by harris

haha thanks! I just started this blog and bought the DS not too long ago, do visit me more often! I need all the motivation i can get to blog!~ LOL

Comment by 3layeredtummy

sure =)

Comment by harris

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